Thursday, May 21, 2015

*sigh* Guess I'll have to go torture the dog. Again.

Hey! I actually READ A BOOK yesterday. Yes, it was a fluffy romance but I read it in one day. Getting back to normal.

I hope so anyway. I have the Tracy Grant and Will Thomas to finish. The Elly Griffiths to read and the new Estelle Ryan will show up on Monday. Woot!

I was thinking about music this morning. The Eagles are coming to town this summer. Now, in 2015.  I do love the Eagles' music but I don't want to see these 60+ year old men performing. I want to see the bands I love when they were in their prime. So I made a list.

The Beatles
If you know me, you know that I love and adore the Beatles but there are no live performances I would have wanted to see because when they did tour, there was so much screaming going on you couldn't hear anything. They stopped touring in 1966 and only released albums.  But maybe, just maybe, I'd like to go back in time and see them perform in 1962 at the Cavern Club. This clip in from August 1962, one week after Pete Best left the band and Ringo became the drummer.

The Who
I would have loved to see The Who when they were touring with the songs from Tommy. It was just the four of them and their instruments playing great songs. No special effects or synthesizers. This clip is from August 1970, the Isle of Wight Festival.

The Eagles
I love the original line up of the founding members of the Eagles: Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Glen Frey, and Randy Meisner. They were country rock and their harmonies and voices blending were unbelievable. So I would like to see the Eagles somewhere around the 1973/1974 range. Desperado is my favorite of their albums. Here's a clip from 1973 singing a cappella -- those harmonies!

Paul McCartney and Wings
I would love to see the Wings over America tour in 1975/1976.

So I need a time machine.

And not just for concerts. I would love to see what Anne Boleyn was really like. Her ambitions caused Henry VIII to change the world. I would love to see Shakespeare's plays originally. I'd love to see the founding fathers hashing it out over the Declaration of Independence. I'd like to see what Jesus was really like. I'd like to see the golden age of Athens, circa the fifth century BC. I definitely want to see the library at Alexandria....  Come on, scientists, let's get this done.

Much love,
PK the Bookeemonster

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