Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yeah, but you should have seen us last millenium

Wow, last night's episode of The Flash was really good. I'm going to have to watch the entire season now. The guy playing Flash is just a puppy of a guy in his enthusiasm but can also break your heart with tears in his eyes (though Arrow still has my heart). This was the end of their first season and per Berlanti usual, the sweet, not-masked guy too pure for this world died saving someone he loved. But in this series, is he really dead? They're playing fast and loose with time in this show which is lovely in a mind-boggling way and I love those kind of stories but, in general, in this super hero-land no on is REALLY dead. They keep being not dead in some way and his body did get sucked into the singularity along with the super villain. And I loved this little throw away:

Oh, those important scientist problems when you're turning on a particle accelerator and having a metahuman (Flash) run at Mach 2 to collide with a hydrogen atom so he can create a worm hole in time. 

And, yes, I did read for a bit last night, thank you very much.

 And a funny:

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